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Public Works


Village of Boyle Lead Sampling Program


Test for lead in your home’s drinking water

In 2021, Alberta Environment and Parks is mandating all municipalities to test for lead levels within their distribution systems. The majority of water mains in the Village of Boyle are AC piping with the balance poly-plastic piping. This means there is little to no risk of lead contained within the water distribution mains. There are currently no known lead pipe water mains within our distribution system according to administration records. Although the risk level of lead being found in the Village of Boyle’s distribution system are low, further testing is still required within homes.

Here are a few indications that you may have lead pipes or lead solder in your home.

  • Your home was built prior to 1960 when lead was a material available for homebuilders for water service lines.

  • Your home was built between 1975 and 1986 may have lead solder used in the joints of copper pipe.

  • If your home was built after 1975 there is a low risk to lead exposure from piping however lead levels may be present leaching from brass fixtures.

  • If you get a letter from our Lead Management Program. This means our records show your home fits within date ranges requiring sampling and has been randomly selected by the Village for testing at no cost to you.

  • Voluntary sampling is part of the Village of Boyle’s Lead Management Program. If you would like your home water supply sampled and tested for lead levels, the Village of Boyle will add your home to our voluntary testing list and we will book a time to sample your home at no cost to you. There are a limited amount of samples the village can processes each year, however this is a multi-year program and the Village of Boyle will be testing again in 2022 and 2023.

If you live within the Village of Boyle and would like your water tested, please contact the Village Administration Offices at (780) 689-3643  and provide your name, contact info, address, and build date of your home. The Village of Boyle is not responsible for the removal or replacement of water lines under the homeowner’s responsibility but will provide mitigation information if lead levels are found within a home’s drinking water sample.

Department Overview

The Village of Boyle Public Works department provides daily services to the community that are both essential and integral to daily life in Boyle. Our Council sets the financial parameters that the Public Works department operates in to delivers a variety of daily services to the public. Beyond ensuring safe water quality and the treatment of water waste, our Public Works also looks after the safe and continued operation of the natural gas infrastructure within the village limits. 

The employees of Public Works performs operations related to infrastructure maintenance (Gas/Water/Sewer/Roads), traffic, public building maintenance, and safety functions such as:

·         Maintenance and repairs of Village streets (paving and pothole programs), lane-ways, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

·         Tree trimming over/around public infrastructure.

·         Maintenance, renewal and repair of roadways, as well as, street signage.

·         Provision of safe drinking water in accordance with government regulations.

·         Waste water collection and lagoon treatment in accordance with government regulations.

·         Provision the safe distribution of Village Natural Gas System and infrastructure in accordance with government regulations.

·         Maintenance and repairs to the storm water and sanitary sewer collection systems.

·         Recreational facility maintenance (Arena, playgrounds, baseball fields, campgrounds, and walking trails).

·         Beautification (flowers, trees, scrubs, and painting ), maintains/removes dangerous trees within Village Property.

·         Seasonal street sweeping programs.

·         Seasonal street snow removal.

·         Village reader board maintenance, repairs, and messaging.

·         Maintenance of Village owned equipment and buildings.

·         Locating underground utility infrastructure for the purpose of Alberta 1st-calls in relation to Village owned infrastructure.

·         Emptying and maintenance of garbage bins owned by the Village.  


4800 - 3rd St. S

Box 9
Boyle, AB
T0A 0M0

Phone: (780) 689-3643 
Fax: (780) 689-3998


Village of Boyle (Water and Gas Emergencies) 780-689-4083 
Fortis (Power) 310-9473 
Telus (Telephone)   310-2255 (Residential)   or   310-3100 (Commercial)

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