Public Works

Department Overview

The Village of Boyle Public Works department provides daily services to the community that are both essential and integral to daily life in Boyle. Our Council sets the financial parameters that the Public Works department operates in to delivers a variety of daily services to the public. Beyond ensuring safe water quality and the treatment of water waste, our Public Works also looks after the safe and continued operation of the natural gas infrastructure within the village limits. 

The employees of Public Works performs operations related to infrastructure maintenance (Gas/Water/Sewer/Roads), traffic, public building maintenance, and safety functions such as:

·         Maintenance and repairs of Village streets (paving and pothole programs), lane-ways, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

·         Tree trimming over/around public infrastructure.

·         Maintenance, renewal and repair of roadways, as well as, street signage.

·         Provision of safe drinking water in accordance with government regulations.

·         Waste water collection and lagoon treatment in accordance with government regulations.

·         Provision the safe distribution of Village Natural Gas System and infrastructure in accordance with government regulations.

·         Maintenance and repairs to the storm water and sanitary sewer collection systems.

·         Recreational facility maintenance (Arena, playgrounds, baseball fields, campgrounds, and walking trails).

·         Beautification (flowers, trees, scrubs, and painting ), maintains/removes dangerous trees within Village Property.

·         Seasonal street sweeping programs.

·         Seasonal street snow removal.

·         Village reader board maintenance, repairs, and messaging.

·         Maintenance of Village owned equipment and buildings.

·         Locating underground utility infrastructure for the purpose of Alberta 1st-calls in relation to Village owned infrastructure.

·         Emptying and maintenance of garbage bins owned by the Village.